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Sunday, January 19, 2020    
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Currently there are 2 main lines of research being conducted in our lab:

1. One line of research (funded by NSERC) focuses on the basic processes, such as memory and inhibitory control, that contribute to perspective-taking abilities across the lifespan.

"The Role of Inhibition and Source Memory in Perspective-taking"

2. The second line of research (funded by SSHRC) explores how young children's ability to reason about what others know influences their social judgments as well as what they learn from others.

"How Knowledge Assessment Influences Interpersonal Learning and Social Judgment"

This research explores the issue of how young children assess and interpret others’ nonverbal displays of knowledge or ignorance to infer their knowledge state, and how this influences their tendencies to learn novel objects’ functions from others. It is predicted that children will appreciate and use these various social cues, such as facial expressions (e.g., puzzled expressions), body language and gestures (e.g., shoulder shrugging, head tilting), and eye gaze (e.g., looking up and away) to assess who is more knowledgeable, and therefore a more reliable source to learn from.

To learn more about the projects underway in our centre and previous results you can read our newsletters:

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