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Sunday, January 19, 2020    
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Adam Baimel, Ph.D. Student

Adam is a PhD student with varied interests in the psychology of religion and the study of social cognition across the lifespan. Adam has studied how participation in ritual affects social cognitive processes related to mental state reasoning. More recently, Adam has explored the mechanism by which the experience of awe leaves individuals with a sense of having experienced something meaningful. Broadly speaking, Adam's work is grounded in the study of modern human psychology in light of the socio-cultural-developmental-evolutionary processes that have brought us all to where we are today. 



Siba GhrearPh.D. Student

Siba's research examines children's ability to reason about other individuals' perspectives. That is, how do children reason about other individuals' thoughts and feelings? And how does this ability develop with age? Siba is particularly curious about the factors that help children make accurate inferences about other perspectives, and the factors that impede this ability.




Taeh HaddockPh.D. Student

Taeh is a PhD student whose research focuses on the development, underlying mechanisms, and limitations of social perspective-taking in children (both typically and atypically developing) and adults. She has recently explored the role fluency misattribution plays in the curse of knowledge bias in children’s and adult’s judgements of what others know. Taeh’s current research specifically seeks to examine strategies to help foster perspective-taking skills and whether these strategies show measureable improvements in other facets of social competence.  



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