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Graduate Alumni


Tracy Cassels,  Ph.D. 

Tracy is the founder of Evolutionary Parenting. She obtained her B.A. in Cognitive Science from the University of California, Berkeleym an M.A. in Clinical Psychology from the University of British Columbia, and her Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology, also at the University of British Columbia. She currently works as a writer and consultant. For more about her work, click here

Patricia Brosseau-Liard recently obtained her Ph.D and is now a postdoctoral fellow at Concordia University.

 Dr. Birch with Dr. Brosseau-Liard


Maciek Chudek recently obtained his Ph.D and is now undertaking postdoctoral research at the School of Human Evolution and Social Change at Arizona State University.

 Dr. Chudek with Dr. Birch and Dr. Henrich

 Undergraduate Alumni

 Laboratory Managers


 Dorna Rahimi

Dorna received her B.A. (Honours) in psychology from UBC. She completed a directed studies in Dr. Birch's lab and went on to become her lab manager.  She will be pursuing her Masters in the Fall in School Psychology.


 David Le

David received his B.A. in psychology from UBC.  During his time as the manager for the K.I.D. Studies Centre, he was actively involved in research projects and administration.  He has since gone on to graduate school at SFU and obtained a Master of Public Health in Social Inequities and Health. 

 Janiene Chand

Janiene received her B.A. in psychology from UBC. During her time as a lab manager for the K.I.D. Studies Centre, she prepared for law school and is now pursuing her Law degree in England.


 Nazanin Akmal

Naz received her B.A. (Honours) in psychology from UBC. She conducted her honours thesis with Dr. Birch in the K.I.D Studies Centre. Her project explored children's sensitivity to others' nonverbal cues to konwledge and uncertainty; more specifically, children's ability in using nonverbal cues to learn new information. During her time in the K.I.D. Studies Centre, Naz has been managing the lab with Sarah. She also worked on a couple of extra projects with Dr. Birch investigating social-perspective taking and socio-cognitive development. Naz is now taking some pre-med courses at UBC, getting ready for Med School.

 Negar Amini

Negar received her B.A. in psychology from UBC. During her time in the K.I.D. Studies Centre, she worked on a directed studies project where she explored the relationship between children's intelligence and their abilty to read the emotions in the eyes of others. Negar is now working on her Masters degree at McGill Univeristy in the Faculty of Education.


Samantha Bangayan

Samantha worked in the K.I.D Studies Centre for several years as a volunteer, directed studies student and NSERC summer student. She recently returned from Peru where she was undertaking a mental health internship. She is now working in Dr. Janet Werker's Infant Studies Centre, but is itching to travel once again.


 Sherilynn Chan

Sherilynn completed her junior and senior honours theses with Dr. Susan Birch. Her research focused on empathy and its relationship with social-emotional health in children and adolescents. She recently graduated from UBC in May 2009 with a B.A. in psychology and is applying for graduate school in child clinical psychology.


 Sarah Heller

Sarah was the 2008-2009 lab manager for the K.I.D Studies Centre as well as the coordinator for the Early Development Research Group. She left Vancouver in 2009 to pursue a Masters degree in Organizational Management at the George Washington University in Washington, D.C. Sarah currently lives in Arlington, VA (a suburb of D.C.) and spends much of her time studying and interning for a small non-profit. After completing her Masters, Sarah hope to continue her education in I/O Psychology or work in the DC area as an organizational consultant.


 Sophie Vauthier

Sophie completed her Senior honours project under Dr. Birch's supervision where she conducted a series of empirical studies looking at three- and four-year-old children's socio-cognitive development and its influence on their learning and memory. She went on to become an RA and Lab Coordinator for the K.I.D Studies Centre for three years before moving on in 2008 to pursue her Ph.D. in child clinical psychology at Columbia University.


Alexandra Thomson

Alexandra graduated from UBC with a Bachelor of Science in Biopsychology and is studying Electroneurophysiology at BCIT.  She loves children and has a variety of experience working with them such as being a field hockey coach and a nanny.  After volunteering at Coast Mental Health, Alexandra's research interests became centered around the neuropathology and treatment of schizophrenia.  Her involvement with the K.I.D. Studies Centre has allowed her to see a study from start to finish including aiding with experimental design, reviewing literature, running participants, analyzing data, and writing academic reports.



 Undergraduate Alumni

 Research Assistants


Winnie Chung

Winnie worked on several projects in the lab. Her main research interests involved exploring the relationships between children's empathy and concurrent socio-emotional health, as well as investigating various social perspective taking abilities and limitations. Winnie also assisted Dr. Birch and the lab coordinators with a variety of important  administrative tasks.


 James Johann Tanliao

James obtained his BSc. (major in Psychology) from the Philippines.  Since moving to Vancouver several years ago, he has facilitated and taught several after-school programs and vocational classes for kids. He completed his diploma in Infant Development while working with several research programs in the Lower Mainland. At the K.I.D. Studies Centre, he investigated which cue to (others’) knowledge children use when they are deciding whom they should learn from.


 Grace Qiao

Grace worked on an undergraduate project in our lab regarding how children assess reliable knowledge sources. Outside of school, she teaches children to swim and volunteers at a Developmental Disabilities Association daycare. She graduated from UBC with her undergrad degree in 2012 and is now working towards a career in public health.


Justin Brokop, Research Assistant

Angela Siow, Research Assistant

Rachel Tan, Honours Student

Carrie Tse, Research Assistant

Keera Wanney, Directed Studies Student

Megan Whyte, Directed Studies Student

Suzanne Xu, Honours Student

Mimi Zhang, Research Assistant and former lab manager



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