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Sunday, January 19, 2020    
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The participants in our studies consist of parent and child volunteers who graciously offer their time and assistance. Our studies are designed to be enjoyable for the children. Our researchers are committed to making your visit a pleasant and fun learning experience.

We conduct research on a variety of topics related to children and adults' social reasoning (e.g., how children and adults recognize the thoughts and feelings of others and how that influences their behavior). We are always looking for participants for our studies.

We currently have studies for children and their parent(s).

To learn more about these studies and how to participate, please follow the link for Participating At Our Centre.

This research is important for the advancement of our understanding of how children develop and how our ability to take the perspective of others influences our behavior.  This research would not be possible without the help of interested students, parents and children, and educators.  We appreciate your support!



Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does a study typically take?  

A: 30 minutes

Q: Can my child participate in more than one study?  

A: If your child meets the age requirement of another one of our studies he/she is welcome to do two studies back to back.

Q: Is there parking nearby?  

A: Yes, there is a parking garage directly across from the Kenny Building where the K.I.D. Studies Centre is situated.  We will provide a free parking space for you whilst your child is participating in one of our studies. 

Q: Can I bring my other children? 

A: Yes, you can. We might have a study for them available as well, either in our centre or one of the other centres in the EDRG.  



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